Thursday, 14 July 2016

Camera Tromp

Hey, a found footage movie about a documentating crew! That's so original I couldn't pay attention.

A crew hears tales of a wildcat in the high mountain forests of... someplace I missed in Tibet? I think. And so they decide to go up there, put up some camera traps to capture footage, and wait for it to show up. Only they slowly find evidence of something else, and then get attacked by the end of the movie.

There is absolutely nothing original here. A group of people go to a remote location, and then too much of the movie is spent building up their not-supernatural/creepy life, although we all know there's something else (because that's why we are watching). And then finally something turns up, but it kept off camera, until it picks them off. You can predict the whole script before watching, and see it unfolding as expected.

I'm not even sure why I wanted to watch it now. I guess it's just that I'm looking for the rare gem, but this isn't it.


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