Friday, 15 July 2016

Moonbase 3.6

What do you do when it's just you with no chance of survival?

Michael Gough turns up on the Moonbase, and is an incredibly Negative Nelly. He was an architect of the Arctus Sun project, which would heat up Antartica and produce new land. However, he now says that it will destroy the Earth, and indeed the Earth gets covered in something and all signals disappear. The Earth is dead... But the Moonbase crew are still around, but have no chance of continuing getting supplies or anything. What should they do with only the prospect of death ahead of them?

Often the story is "we are lost and will die", but in this case it's "everyone else is dead, and we are alive". It's a hell of a pressure situation, and Michael Gough goes around being incredibly gloomy to everyone. Yay?

It's a rather bleak story (although the explanation about what is happening is rather silly), but this is the sort of story that science fiction should be exploring. As with all the episodes in this series.

It's been a great season of episodes, but no chance of a second season unfortunately.


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