Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Centrel Intellegence

Oh, it's a classic comedy where we are supposed to believe that Kevin Hart can be a secret agent.

The best senior in high school grew up to be an accountant, and isn't happy with his life. A random facebook like joins him back up with the big fat kid who got humiliated in school (by everyone except the best senior ever), and it turns out the fat kid is now the Rock. The Rock leads Hart through various escapades in which Hart can be the "comedian" while the Rock does all the action shots. But there are many twists and turns and... while I will give the film high marks for ambiguity, I can't say I really cared about them by the end.

Kevin Hart is a comedian that works best in small doses, but here it's in large doses. The Rock works well... well, not in comedies, but he does give it a good go. You can see where a lot of this story is going, at least in terms of the jokes, because they do attempt to give it a go to make the story at least a little bit confused. That said, I would love to watch a movie that actually goes the whole hog with that premise, but here it's about amusing the audience, not making them think.

Not a terrible movie, but be ready for what you are going to get.


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