Thursday, 7 July 2016

Ole 37

In this horror movie, we are supposed to be on the side of the killers, right?

Out on a stretch of road, it's a bad patch for car accidents. Fortunately, an ambulance arrives quickly to these parts. Unfortunately, it's fill of killers who will, well, kill you. Around this time, we get a bunch of stuck up young people who are total prats, and so they eventually get killed off. And by eventually, I mean the film spends far too much time on their Jersey Shore lives and we have no interest in any of them, and can't wait for the killers to turn up.

One cited point for this movie is it stars Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley. I recognise the former, not the latter. It also features some other people... who seem vacuous and annoying, so good acting? There are some decent practical effects, but nothing that amazing.

Just not impressive. Another movie to toss on the pile.


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