Saturday, 30 July 2016

Drakula: Prince of Darkness

Dracula is back, and loving it!

Four English people are touring the countryside, being superior to everyone. However, they are unable to get to Carlsbad and instead spend the night in a nearby castle, which they've been warned away from. D'oh! Two of them don't make it, and instead we get the resurrection of Dracula! (Which takes half the movie to get to.) The other people manage to flee, but that's never enough, and they must join with a nearby brotherhood of monks to finally defeat Dracula (again).

The most notable part of the Christopher Lee's performance is... he doesn't say a word. I'm going so far as to say that even his scream at the end is dubbed on by someone else. Looking at the trivia section, this looks to be a mix of there never was any dialogue, to Lee hated to, and I'm going to make up a new one: he had laryngitis.

The main castle set looks good, and when Dracula is back it gets a lovely red colour scheme to highlight the change. I like! The other sets also look good. One other main thing I noted was the sudden introduction of Ludwig, who is a call back to the original psychotic patient from the book. Nice, although it felt a bit convenient to suddenly have him in this.

So Dracula is down again... let's see how they bring him back next time.


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Al said...

There's a great cast commentary on the Blu Ry release of this, with Lee being uncharacteristically humble. Maybe it was laryngitis! Interesting to see Borusa from the Five Doctors as Dracula's retainer, Klove. Clearly Philip Latham has always been an old man!