Friday, 29 July 2016

First Likely Stories

Neil Gaiman has a short series of anthology stories for TV, and here's the first one: Foreign Parts.

A man wakes up one day and finds his penis is unusual, and seems to have a disease. As symptoms progress, he begins to feel that his body is not his own. Oftentime, we get a voice talking about transformation, that is not at all Neil Gaiman himself. Just so we get the point of the story.

At one point I thought it would be that the man slowly transforms into a woman, but that is too obvious? Instead we get a wee story stretched over the twenty minutes, and looking back on it this does feel a little like "set up, set up, set up... and then it ends". Yes, I get the point, but it feels rather limp (sic).

NG is a good storyteller, so I kinda hoped for better. We'll see how this progresses.


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