Monday, 25 July 2016

NZIFF: Lo And Behold

It's the New Zealand International Film Festival, so there's some movies I'm seeing. First up, Lo and Behold!

This is a documentary about the internet. We start from the early days and it is largely presented as something of a joke of "oh, look at these old things". We get the current use of the internet, how it's used to attack people, making video games that consume people's lives and the radio waves physically hurts people. But it's all right because we see that in the future we will reach a point where the internet is everything, and we won't be able to cope without it.

So yes... a rather sober movie, if not depressing. The director Werner Herzog isn't a techophile himself, and so we get the internet through his lens, in which it isn't a great thing. Not a terrible thing, but something that's definitely had negative impact on people.

Not the most cheerful start to my festival, but a nice simple one.


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