Sunday, 24 July 2016

Ster Trak Beyonder

I'm not sure why they decided to name their movie after the rather lame Marvel being.

James Kirk is dealing with career anxiety but is called in to help with a distress call in a nearby nebula. (Like, really nearby. A panning shot goes from the nebula to the nearby star base.) However, it goes to pot because this is a movie, and there's action. And dialogue. And these scenes happen to be in the same movie.

There feels like a huge tonal problem with this movie to me. We have a few scenes of Jim being depressed, and then we cut to the exciting shot of unveiling the new star base... but we the audience has just been in this depressing moment with Jim, and now we have to switch to going "yay!"? No, that's not happening.

Also I'm not sure what the actual story they were trying for was for this movie. It felt more like they had some action beats and some character beats, and decided to put them in this script without really connecting them. Certainly I had little idea what was going on in any particular action scene (because of how it was shot) and it didn't feel like they connected to the other scenes very well. And there were a few arcs that didn't seem to close?

Because this is Star Trek I kept flashing back to other movies were some of these beats were present before. So it did feel a little like it was repeating... on the other hand, the story was original for this? It's a mixed bag that doesn't quite work.


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