Thursday, 28 July 2016

NZIFF: New Zealand's Best 2016

It's a collection of shorts, it's New Zealand's Best 2016.

The Audience got to vote on the best. There were six films, and we ranked them. And so, rather than talk about all of them, I'll talk about my highest and lowest.

Judgment Tavern is a fantasy based story, a man and his daughter on the run, then the man gets caught and beheaded. But that doesn't stop him, and they reach the next step in their journey. This is very well produced, and the effects, although obvious, work really well. I could easily see this expanded into a full movie, and hope it does. But it works well as a short story.

Wait is the opposite. This story is about a young girl dealing her parents not getting along, and the mother falling apart. This was shot well, but the story felt like it was lacking something. I followed along fine, and got the intention of each shot, etc., however it felt incomplete. This is the problem with short films that it can feel like that, but then there are full movies that can fail as well.

A definite mix, and I recommend them all, but we are forced to rank them, so I did and now judge them against each other.


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