Thursday, 21 July 2016

On Stranger Things (4-6)

Another batch of episodes, so another consideration.

More develops, with a bit of backstory, but... actually, there isn't a lot that really happens. Ever get the feeling that the story could be told in an hour and a half movie. In some ways, I am reminded of Super 8, with it being about a bunch of kids that encounter something strange back in the more classic period of movies.

A lot is made of the fact that this has Winona Ryder it in. In that she is the first person named in the opening titles. It took me to look up the credits to recognise that it was actually her, but it definitely is. I also quite like David Harbour as the sheriff. The kids aren't terrible, and Millie Bobby Brown gets a lot to do as the girl, although it mainly involves her being upset.

Although there is some exposition, this is feeling like padding and could have been told a lot more efficiently. At least there are only two episodes left.


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