Wednesday, 20 July 2016

On Stranger Things (1-3)

It's the new Netflix series, but it's only eight episodes, so let's batch them up.

It's back in 1983 and it's small town Indiana. A group of boys is playing DND, but eventually have to go home. One in particular gets home, but there's something else there... because the town is right next to Evil Government Science Building, so there's something bad around. But don't worry, because instead of the boy, we have a girl turn up. The town goes all out to find the boy, and the mother goes crazy, and in another story a young girl/woman is having her first experience.

This feels incredibly 80s, and the soundtrack is definitely helping that. Oh, the songs I remember. I kept having to pause watching to I could play the full song.

Anyway, it's a slow burn series so far. We get the odd hint of something strange, but mostly it's more character drama than sci-fi. And the Evil Government is clearly Evil because... of how the characters are shot by the camera. Okay, there are a few things they do in which they are evil, but mostly they haven't done much than show up and stand around creepily.

It's watchable enough, but I'm not blown away by it.


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