Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The Grandmaster

It's another movie about Ip Man, this time with other characters getting a focus. It's The Grandmaster.

Ip Man is brought out to show off the Southern style in front of a Northern style master. Of course, he wins, but the daughter isn't too happy about that, and then fights him. There's a certain attraction between them, but he's married and she is focused on kungfu. Oh, and the Japanese invade, so there's something else to deal with. Eventually Ip Man ends up in Hong Kong and is teaching, and the daughter takes on the other erstwhile Northern style champion. And they get together for a chat. And that's about that.

There are some amazing wire-fu sequences and well choreographed fights which a flashily shot with lots of graceful moves and speed arm movements. But there are less than you'd think in an Ip Man movie. Indeed, it settles down and gets quite more into the character detail and drama. And the ending... isn't what you'd expect.

Some nice scenes but can't say I'm entirely enthralled by it.


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