Saturday, 6 August 2016

Drakula Has Risen from the Grave

Christopher Lee is back in looming form, and he even speaks!

Dracula is brought back to life in one of the more coincidental convenient resurrection scenes even to grace movies. From there, it's basically a revenge flick, from Dracula's point of view, as Monsignor dared to put a cross on his castle. So we go to the town of... I missed the name, and find a young pair of lovers who, of course, get caught up in Dracula's blood soaked eyes, and there's a chase, and you can see the end coming right before it does, but it works thematically so I'm liking it.

One thing about this movie that didn't strike me in the others is that this is a more personal story. Instead of this malevolent force striking across the country, and a group of people trying to survive/battle it, it's about Dracula vs the one man and drawing revenge on him. We get plenty of chase and crossing across house tops, but it's on a more smaller emotional scale than the other movies.

Interestingly they have an atheist character in this movie. Which has Dracula. It's hard to deny supernatural elements when you have a legitimate vampire in your face. While it does seem that he goes religious at the end, this is used as a drive for the priest to find his courage to face down Dracula, which is a nice close to that arc.

Then we finally get the death of Dracula, which looks pretty final. No way he's coming back from that...


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Al said...

Notable kiwi connection in this one with now-author Barbara Ewing as, er, Zena.
Have been tempted many times to turn up at one of her many Wgtn book signings with a still from this film for her to autograph - apparently she's happy to talk about her brief horror career...