Friday, 5 August 2016

Second Likely Stories

The next Neil Gaiman story, and he talks about the weird images in dreams, so with that set up.

This is sort of set in a cafe. The waitress is expecting, and compares the baby inside to eating her from the inside. An old friend turns up and they spend time talking. He chats about a place he was staying, and this (to him) beautiful older woman who lived there. She has unusual eating habits, and he helps her as only he can...

This feels more shorted out pacing wise than the previous story. And yet that's largely because of the frame of one story inside another, so there only needs to be two shorter stories to make up time. The second story is the point, and is nearly getting creepy, but I think we would need to develop the true nature a bit more to really get there.

So far this series is feeling like 'let's take a germ of an idea from NG... and fail to use it properly',


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