Wednesday, 31 August 2016


Ah, Asylum, I must be so behind on the bad movies you've come up with. Anywhere, here's their group of people trying to bust some ghosts.

We start with a Saw level death of mother and daughter, then cut to the father going 'we must go back inside to get the machine'. Because he happened to have created a machine that can capture ghosts and extrude them as ectoplasm. And he just so happens to have created glasses that can see ghosts, which would immediately make him excessively rich, but let's ignore that. Anyway, the people working on the machine turn up at the house, with some other people, and then they are trying to capture ghosts, and save the spirits of the mother and daughter. Of course, there are problems, and I spotted the twist about ten years before the movie began, and this is just a sad pathetic not even really haunted house movie...

Now, I will give Asylum this, they have been making female led movies already. So I wasn't sure what they would do with this. Turns out, they didn't really have an idea either, beyond 'something with ghosts' and went with whatever generic script passed over their desk. They weren't trying, as much as they ever try, and even the effects aren't exciting either.

In a way, they were doing well at one point. However, they aren't doing anything like that now.


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