Thursday, 1 September 2016

The Levenger Tapes

Yay, another found footage first person movie. Because we need more of those.

A trio of two hot woman and a guy that wants in one of the woman's panties are on a road trip to a cabin far away. They find a missing girl and the people who took her, but then something strange starts to happen. They go to talk to them and find them gone, but clothes and hair remain. On their way back to the cabin, they are attacked (but still filming!). They track the creature (can you guess human gone feral?) back to a house, and hole up there to survive the night. Some are successful, and then... the creature gets away? But it's all all right because the girl is found.

There's a lot left unexplained, except obliquely. The church, I'm guessing, was responsible for a disappearance 20 years ago and now that girl is the creature and protecting the new girl from the church? This is from two lines of dialogue, so it's not like we're getting tons of exposition to draw from. And that's about it for motivating plot, otherwise it's just people out in the dark.

Meh, nothing to this movie, and completely overdone for what the plot supposedly is.


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