Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Jasone Bourn

Okay, I can't remember the previous movies, aside from that there were previous movies, so that's clearly the mindset to have going into watch the latest in the franchise.

Bourne is living a happily crappy life, and then a previous agent of Treadstone (which takes around 10 minutes to get referenced) shows up and explains that everything he knew was wrong. And so kicks off another cat and mouse game between the government CIA evil society and Jason. The CIA is made real as the Asset for Bourne to fight, and of course he figures into the new backstory. But at least there can be more movies now?

Yes, the backstory is stupid, and yes it has nothing to do with the books, but these movies are so far stuck in the subplot of the first book we are never going to get to Arkadin (boo-yay!). Still, given that, this is typical Bourne, in that lots of action sequences and some painful computer stuff. Like, really painful. "Use SQL to corrupt the database." "Send me the shell." What? What does that mean? What even...?

Matt Damon is fine enough, although it feels like he's running on neutral. Tommy Lee Jones is... old. Instead of bags under his eyes, each side of his face is just one huge bag. Vincent Cassel is good as That Bad Guy You Recognise But Can't Name. And Alicia Vikander has a great accent, although isn't quite believable as the ambitious character she's playing. Also starring: lots of gunshots, punches and explosions. And the riots in Greece as merely a backdrop, because screw making a political point.

Anyway, this is a movie, and now I've seen it.


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