Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Swuiwide Swad

This is what everyone's been waiting for. The movie of Harley Quinn and Floyd Lawson.

What to do when Superman is a potential threat waiting to go off? Get some potential threats of your own and make sure they are working for you! This is the basic premise of Suicide Squad so I'm not giving anything away. Unlike the source of the villains, which would be giving things away in a way, so all I'll say is that they bring it on themselves. The Squad is set up as needing to do this otherwise their heads get exploded. Here's a small thing, we are giving the back stories for Harley, Floyd, Diablo, Killer Croc and Digger, then when the team is brought together we have them and Slipknot... guess who's the example death!

Oh, and Joker is in this as well, but comely adjacently to the movie. Even more adjacently, we also get Batfleck, so that's something as well (and a hint of Flash).

The main problem is... it's hard to say this movie is about anything. We have scenes in which people are doing things... but I found it hard to say why we should care. Even if I don't, I can usually at least work out what I'm not caring about, but here... nothing. And can we please stop having action scenes in darkness? I would like to be able to tell what's going on.

There are some performances in this. It's easy to see why Floyd is giving the main focus of the movie, because Will Smith can act. And Margot Robbie looks pretty, so Harley is there as well. And there are others on screen to, but the only other one worth acknowledging is Viola Jones as Amanda Waller, 'cos she's a stone cold beeyatch.

While easily better than BvS (yeah, low bar), I can't really say I liked or disliked the movie. It tried... so good effort? Try again?



Jet Simian said...


Also, got an opinion on the [other] cameo?

Um, I've read in one review that 2D is the way to go for viewing because of the darkness - the 3D conversion makes it all the dimmer.

Er... was Katana a later addition as well as Slipknot? But yeah - Worst. Twist. Ever

I've not seen it. Would like to, etc. Mid-credits scene sounded pretty cool. And you've been kinder than I thought you might be! ;)

Jamas Enright said...

Not sure on what other cameo you are referring to.

It takes a lot to give me an extreme emotional reaction to a movie, and this wasn't that.