Friday, 26 August 2016

Lost One Room

This mini-series was originally broadcast in three 90 minute episodes, but later released as six 45 minute episodes, and so that's how I'll review it.

In the first episode, we get a mystery straight away. In a pawn shop someone brings out a key, but a bigshot with a pen enters, and then... we have our hero, a cop, Detective Miller, enter to find two people burnt, one of whom in a ceiling. He knows a street punk was in there, and tracks him down, only for him to disappear through a door. Eventually the punk returns to the cop, and hands him the key... and so really kicks off the adventure. The key can open any door (with a key lock) and goes to the motel room, and from there to anywhere. Just what this open opens up is one the cop is not ready for.

We do get a slab of exposition here, as Peter Jacobson provides some back story. There are Objects, from the Room, and they have strange powers... and I'm in. I am so completely in. This is entirely up my street, and there's no way I'm turning off now.

We end the first episode on a climax using information that has already been set up. Now that's a good way to do it. Usually a climax is 'danger!' or 'here's something new', and this one is 'you know that thing that can happen? here's is happening in a way you should have thought about, but is really terrifying', and that's a great twist.

I love this series.


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