Saturday, 27 August 2016

Drakula A.D. 1972

The Hammer Dracula movies have been rather casual with continuity between movies. While Dracula is resurrected from the last death, some rural characters seem to turn up again, but generally it's a new cast each time. With this movie, it's a completely different timeline... which I think is to allow them to bring back Peter Cushing... and I'll allow it!

A hundred years ago, Dracula was killed, but now it's a hundred years later and someone decides to raise him. Someone with the incredibly crafty name of Alucard, and in a manner reminiscent of Taste the Blood of Dracula. But Van Helsing's great-great granddaughter is part of this, and Dracula wants her. Fortunately, her grandfather, the proper occult-aware Van Helsing, gets involved, and the race is on for him to save her from Dracula.

There is quite the cast here. We have Christopher "dominate every scene" Lee, and Peter "great in any scene" Cushing, but we also have Stephanie "seaQuest" Beacham, who could also be called Stephanie "showing off how buxon she is by wearing flimsy clothing" Beacham. There is also Christopher "My clothes from my first scene will return when I'm playing Skagra" Neame, and Caroline "I could have been a Doctor Who girl" Munro. They are all giving good performances, and Neame very nearly stands up to Lee's acting ability.

But the best part of this movie is... the music! This is so 70s action music, I was expecting The Avengers, the Persuaders! and even The Professionals to turn up any moment. Now there's a soundtrack to get a hold of.

If this is a reset, I'll buy it, as long as we get more of those groovy tunes.



Al said...

From the opening Stagecoach scuffle (so like the pre-credits act in a Bond Movie where we se the conclusion of a previous, unseen adventure) to the Count's final disintegration in the churchyard, I ADORE this film - and am so glad you enjoyed it too.
The 70-ishness used to embarrass me but I've long since learned to embrace the grooviness.
And you may be happy to learn that the soundtrack IS available (fittingly, it was released on vinyl recently!)

Jamas Enright said...

Soundtrack brought!