Sunday, 28 August 2016

Pixel Puzzles

I played some jigsaw games. Indeed, a lot of time, all on Steam. The basic idea is you see a picture, which fades away, then you need to pick up the pieces from the side (with your mouse) and put them where they are supposed to go. Fortunately, the pieces lock in place, so that helps. Then each game adds more gimmicks.

Japan is the first one, with images of Japan. Just the basics of pieces into the place.

Then is Undead. Aside from the zombie pictures, there is also a character you control that is fighting off a zombie invasion. Fortunately, you can play the puzzle without that aspect (although you miss out on half of the achievements) so that's what I quickly shifted into doing.

Next is Anime, which is anime based pictures. There is also a really annoying character that floats around the image, refills your hint bar, and really, really annoys. Fortunately you can switch the sound off, so that didn't last. The other big change is puzzle pieces aren't in the right rotation. So as well being in the right place, you need to be the right way around.

Then is Birds. Which has pictures of birds. On rocks. Lots of rocks, which can be hard to tell the difference between. You need to fill the hint bar by collecting crabs. Fortunately, while there is rotation, you can switch that off. I'm not sure if the previous game had that option, but I switched it off for this.

Last is Space, with lots of great space pictures. The gimmick here is that there are space missile things floating around you can plug into the hint system. However, if you don't use any and plug them into the space ship, you can get an extra achievement per puzzle. With rotation switched off, that took a while, but I got there.

So all those puzzles are done... hmm... now I need something else to play while listening to podcasts.


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