Sunday, 14 August 2016

Progress Backwards

It's not just that we need to have the latest gadget, we also need to keep up with the latest version of software as well as hardware.

Currently I need to use a meter, and want to pull the readings onto my computer. I got the software from the site, and even had the buy the not cheap (but not that expensive either) proprietary cord to connect to my PC. However... I install the software, but it's not recognising the meter. Which, as far as I can tell, is because it isn't installing the right driver. And then it turns out that the driver, and indeed the actual software, isn't actually available for Windows 10. But, of course, because Microsoft, I'm on Windows 10. So... how actually do I do this?
(Actually, just remembered, I have a netbook I haven't updated. As long as I can stop that updating to 10, I could use that... okay, that's my next battle lined up.)

Other fun, at work, our phones. We used to have actual phones that sat on our desks. The internet for the computers went through them, so if the phone plug accidentally fell out, down when the connection. That wasn't too bad.
But now we have "soft phones", which is software on the computer (Skype basically) with USB headsets. Which means that unless you are logged in, you can't use the phone. Imagine for a moment that you have problems logging in... how exactly do we call for support then? (That hasn't happened yet, but I feel it's about to.) Then there is the fun of calls not always registering for me to get, assuming I can get to my headset in time anyway, which is only about 75% successful. And one time I was on a call, but the system insisted on telling me I had a (different) incoming call I couldn't do anything about.

Good to know technology is "helping".


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