Monday, 15 August 2016

Arty and Crafty

I saw this on the top 2014 list and was interested.

Mark Landis is a forger, with a bit of a difference. One difference is that he just gifts them to museums, passing them off as originals, so aside from fooling them might not be considered a criminal. (Aside from forging official documents.) Another difference is that he's slightly mentally disturbed and isn't quite connecting with what the rest of us would call reality. As well as him. there's an ex-curator Matt Leinniger who is chasing him (for a rather calm view of lazy), and possibly obsesses a little too much about him. We end with another museum putting on an exhibition of his works, and him agreeing to stop... although it seems like he might continue on another mission.

An interesting view into a different style of forging, one who does it because he can rather than for money. And yet we see obsession from different points from both Mark and Matt. We also see how to fake up some images and partly how to pass them off on unsuspecting museums. This is really a tale to tell museums, and others, to not believe what gifts are given to them.

Worth watching if you like documentaries, like I do!

(How many times did I write 'interesting' and 'different'?)


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