Tuesday, 16 August 2016

The Chinese Mayor

He's a man with a job to do, regardless of whether or not it will work. He is The Chinese Mayor.

We follow Mayor Geng, of Datong in China. He has plans to renovate the city and make it a cultural place, just like it was 1,600 years ago. However, this involves a lot of demolition, and some people aren't that happy. (Fortunately, they can classify the houses as illegal, so that helps.) He seems like a nice enough guy, and holds various industry leaders to account, but the construction is still underway with no real sign of ending soon. And then, at the end, he's suddenly moved to another city, and you can guess what happens next.

The documentary crew get rather good access, although at times they are shut down. They follow Geng, but also get quite a few interviews with people who get relocated, whether they want to or not. Geng isn't portrayed as a bully or anything, just a man with a mission who is also an official in a socialist society, doing what he can.

Enjoyable and worth checking out.


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