Monday, 26 September 2016

Bliar Wetch

From the filmmakers that made famous the found footage "documentary" we have... exactly the same thing.

Heather's brother, James, wants to hunt down his sister and heads into the woods. He has Lisa, a filmmaker, his friend Peter and his girlfriend Ashley, and they meet up with Lane and Talia. Guess what happens to them? A lot of nothing! They go into the woods, and wander around, and get lost, and it gets dark, and... eventually they wander into a house...

Does this sound like the first movie? It is, although it definitely feels like there's a lot more scripted events, because there are some big scenes that would need a fair bit of set up. So scratch the more improve nature, and instead make sure you checklist elements from the first to repeat, with the added bonus of twenty years of technology.

But no better script writing. Nothing more is revealed about the witch, no big surprises come forth about the first movie, and nothing actually scary happens.

It's just not worth it.


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