Sunday, 25 September 2016

Din't Breath

Thieves go into a house to ransack it, but find out that the owner isn't interested in just letting them get away with that.

One of the dads of the thieves is in security, and so they have access to the security pad codes for houses. Makes for easy entries, and with successful raids, they target the house of a blind veteran. (You can tell already that's not going to go well.) They enter, but wake the owner, and then he starts kicking their asses. However, there are secrets to be found out, and it's hard to say who to root for in this movie.

Usually in movies there are some kind of good guys you want to win. Or at least bad guys that are getting away with it in ways that we like. Here we have thieves, and then meet a veteran that is, to be blunt, rather fucked up. I knew going in that it wasn't going to be sunshine and puppies, but even so, where they go I have no interest in following.

The big reveal is considered exciting by some, but the movie completely lost me at that point. And by people doing stupid things. And by people not damn well staying dead!! Nope, I'm out.


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