Sunday, 18 September 2016

Blud Fazzer

It's a Mel Gibson movie, so clearly it's just a Jew bashing 90 minutes rant.

Lydia is in trouble with the gangs, and calls her father Link, who is an ex-con and no longer drinking. They team up to keep Lydia out of the gang's hands, while Link tries to find out just what is happening. Fortunately he has the connections he needs, unfortunately the gangs are just a little bit too competent.

This could be considered as Taken-lite, but a) I couldn't get through that movie, and b) not really. The father and daughter bond over running away, and Mel Gibson and Erin Moriarty do a decent job. There is one scene where Link is being racist, and of course it's hard to work out if that's entirely in character or not.

This isn't a heavy movie, and involves a lot less gun play than you might expect, but otherwise manages to entertain for 90 minutes without leaving anything to stick with you.


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