Saturday, 17 September 2016

Speciesist I

I can't remember if I saw this in the theatres or on video afterwards, but this is a great movie.

The concept is simple enough, an alien race basically infects a little girl, who then grows up to be a kick ass nasty alien breeding machine. Sil is able to run rings around the crew assembled to take her down, and we barely pause as she races to get herself a man, then get another one, before settling for a random hook up before... well, she's only really taken down because she needs to give birth, and decides to do so near some underground tar pits.

There are two fantastic elements in this movie. One is the creepy sexy designs of H R Giger, with his typical tentacle porn alien beasts, and they are wonderfully brought to life. The other aspect is, of course, the beautiful, sexy, and often naked, Natasha Henstridge. She may have often been covered with goo, but she looks great in it.

It's hardly surprising that this was a great hit, good action beats, intelligent story and, of course, beewbs. Unfortunately, someone decided this should be made into a franchise.


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