Friday, 23 September 2016

Lost Five Room

This is a set up episode, to put the final pieces of information in place before the last episode.

This episode is about the search for the vault, because they think it will lead them to the owner of the room, who will bring back Anna. They need to get some more Objects, including the scissors, which rotates things, and we also see the flask in action. They do ultimately get to the vault, and Kurtzfelt gets the Eye, which can create and destroy flesh. Which will let him brick back his dead son, which can be resurrected briefly by the use of the nickle (which he has to swallow, so eww). The cop does track down a lead to the owner, and so everything is in place, ready to go.

Like many elements, the vault is set up early, but doesn't really mean a lot. Neither do the various groups. They are just a means of exposition without actually getting in the way. Neither the Legion or the Order is a serious problem to be dealt with, and Kurtz is about the only one who is a credible threat, which is played out here and will continue to be a problem.

Still, with one episode left, the threat is around to use the Objects to rip open reality, and all we have is a cop without a gun or a Key to stop him.


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