Thursday, 22 September 2016

Million Dollar Duck

It's a film about a stamp, and I Kickstarted it!

The Duck Stamp is basically a license that allows hunters to go hunting ducks in the year. The funds raised go towards preserving natural areas for the ducks and other species that inhabit the area. And since the 1940s, the duck stamp picture is the winner of a nation wide contest. This is the film of the 2014/15 year stamp, and of some of the people who enter it. We follow these people, and get some of their stories, mainly about how they grew up as artists and the idea of the duck stamp captured their interest. Many photograph ducks to paint, and eventually the pictures all come together. We follow the three rounds of judging that happens, and find the final winner.

The art is very good, and there's even someone who takes a rather different take on the style (much to the eye roll of other contestants), and there is a lot of interest in it. The Million Dollars comes from the contest, of which you win nothing but acclaim, but the merchandising opportunities afterwards.

It's a nice documentary about a small area that many people wouldn't know about. Although it was mentioned in Fargo.


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