Friday, 30 September 2016

Lost Six Room

This is it, this is where it's all been leading to.

The Legion try to stop Kurtz from recreating the experiment, but he now has the Eye, so zap, zap, zap, they aren't a problem. Fortunately, the cop has managed to track down the final important Object, the Occupant. And Martin is now back, and he's the prophet for the Order. Things come together as Kurtz reopens the door he shouldn't, to get his kid back, and nearly crashes reality again. The Occupant goes in, his presence enough to stop it, and the cop is in with him. It turns out the Occupant wants to die, but due to conservation of Objects, another Object will be created... the cop. But at least then the cop will be able to get Anna back.

Consider for the moment the Occupant. He only had one set of clothes, a false eye and needed glasses... wow, that's pretty terrible. Here's a complete list of Objects.

And so we have so many things set up, ready for a new series. Martin is in place to be a major figure in the next series, and we have that the cop is now the Cop, and he should be able to control the Objects around him. It would be a kick ass next season... but it never happens.

Damn, this was a series that deserved better, but it didn't get it.


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