Saturday, 1 October 2016

Speciesist III

The third one immediately shows off that it was direct to video with terrible CGI effects and no big names to see. (There are some known actors, but no-one top tier.)

At the end of the last movie, Eve gave birth in a truck, so we start this movie with Eve taken away and then giving birth. The driver happens to be a mad scientist who raises this girl, and is also dealing with half-breeds that are dying. He gets a student involved to help him understand the girl, named Sara, and there's something about her eggs, then a half-breed turns up and kills him? And then another alien female turns up from somewhere (I missed if they explained it), and gets the student's roommate to help her make more aliens, but the government comes into the frame as well, and then they are all on a chase that ends in a fusion reactor...

To be honest, the ending is a lot of a mess, and I lost track far before then. And I don't feel like going in and rewatching anything. This isn't a great movie, and the amount of time spent in a basement and such doesn't fill me with any excitement that I'm watching an action series about an alien human experiment that goes around trying to mate. Because none of that happens. This screams "let's make a buck on the series" that I'm surprised Natasha came back to reprise her role as Eve (before immediately getting killed).

Oy, and then there's one more to go...


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