Sunday, 4 September 2016

Preacher TV

So I went through the ten episodes of season one... did the writers of the series ever read the actual comic?

We have Jesse in town as the Preacher... and the town isn't destroyed when Genesis turns up? That's the first confusion. We still have Cassidy, but he doesn't get much to do. We get Tulip, who is recast (I expected at least one recasting if not more, and here we go). And we get a hint of the Saint of All Killers. But then we get the Arseface set up from after they leave town? And the meat factory storyline from way later? What? Why's that all happening now? And so we spend the entire season in town with Jesse trying to be a Preacher before we get to the actual set up of the first comic.

Although I think they missed a trick by not having it end on Jody turning up. Most likely that will be the next season, if there is one (I haven't checked).

So, aside from completely changing the plot around, what else is going on? Jesse and Cassidy are largely cast spot on. Tulip is rather more violent than in the comic (well, she was never peaceful), and she and Jesse are given a different back story. The Saint of All Killers is cast well and gets his backstory, but that's all we get of him, and they don't reveal about the guns, so people might be confused about that. And the Arseface effect isn't that horrendous, clearly they didn't want too much of an appliance on the kids face.

There is a lot that is set up but not given away (the death of Jesse's father for a start), so there's plenty of room to go. But if they keep mashing plot lines together, maybe not that much...


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