Saturday, 3 September 2016

The Satanic Rites of Drakula

This is a mix up. It's the government vs Dracula!

There are Satanic Rites happening, and a government agent barely gets out alive long enough to report back that high ups are involved. A police officer that isn't worried about government backing gets involved, and calls in Van Helsing to help, and gets the granddaughter Jessica along as well. It turns out that Dracula was resurrected almost straight away since last time, and now controls an organisation, and places to burn the world. But there's still time to capture Jessica, because that's her role. And at the end... it's the police officer, not Van Helsing, that really saves the day, although of course Van Helsing gets the final blow.

This is set two years after 1972, although it's in 1973, but never mind, because aside from one reference it could be any Dracula vs Van Helsing movie. Certainly, Jessica never mentions anything about what happened last time, possibly through memory suppression, although she does it powerful enough to now be played by someone else. I mentioned the Avengers last time, and now we have Purdey, Joanna Lumley, although she isn't kicking ass like in that series.

Another Doctor Who connection I've failed to mention so far, these recent movies are written by Don "Inferno" Houghton. And there are probably lots of other connections I haven't seen.

There is just one movie left, although the connection with the rest of this series is debatable. Let's find out!


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Al said...

Although this is a direct sequel to AD 1972, you're right about Jessica not referencing the last film. Suppression is a good theory!
The continuity with the previous film is very good in every other respect although it's unusual not to see the Count resurrected at the beginning. Also evident is the introduction of gratuitous nudity - there are some hilarious publicity images taken by the Daily Mirror showing a clearly bored and unimpressed Lee surrounded by a bevy of topless 'victims'.
As for continuity with the final film coming up next, it does apparently feature Lawrence Van Helsing from the opening of AD 1972 - but that's about it. But hopefully you'll have a 'HAI' old time...