Tuesday, 13 September 2016

The Chair of Happiness

The search is on, for The Chair of Happiness.

A beautician does the nails of a woman in prison, who gasps her last and impacts that there is a treasure in a chair. And so begins the search, in which she teams up, because of events, with a tattooist, as they try to track down the chairs and find happiness inside. We get various escapades of them trying to acquire chairs, involving theft, stealing from the poor box, and lying. There's also a priest, a bear and some paintings.

This is definitely a comedy, with some genuine laugh out loud moments, and other moments in which there is comedy but not that funny. There are good performances from the leads, Valerio Mastandrea and Isabella Ragonese, and even elements of CGI that worked in well (although I couldn't entirely tell if at moments it was CGI or it was someone in a bear costume).

Not a bad watch, although it heads well into farce by the end.


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