Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Claassrroom 6

Found footage of a supernatural event, that's something we haven't seen before!

It's a haunted school with a haunted classroom. Word is a teacher and a student opened a portal, and then disappeared. A TV crew go into the school at night to document whatever happens. Guess what? It starts getting spooky, and after a long build up, bam, they're gone!

One problem with this movie is that the start contains a lot of footage that would be cut out. It would be the general behind the scenes c-roll footage that wouldn't even be a DVD feature. But no, here's it's the main story because it "builds characters". Some characters in this are decent, but we have the camera guy, the lead female, and the psychic, and the rest are clearly anyone could have turned up to fill in the role.

Most of the effects are stuff happening off screen (never again will you relax around a tennis ball), and strings. Otherwise, it's just make up to show the consequences.

Now, I will give that this movie has some good moments. However, they are plonked in with the rest of this stretched out movie that even with a 70 minute runtime nothing is justified other than it fills minutes.

Aside from those moments, this is just another found footage horror movie, and doesn't do anything else.


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