Tuesday, 20 September 2016


Living under different religions ain't easy, as exemplified by Timbuktu.

This is a slice of life of people who live in Timbuktu where the Jihadists are in control and everyone else is trying to live their own lives. In particular the owner of a herd gets into trouble when one cow goes astray, and you can already tell that no-one is going to get away with a happy ending. There are a few other stories as well, although that is the main one, where the Jihadists do what they want and people just have to live with it.

This is a sober look at what is happening in West Africa, filmed without any sense that those under the thumb are going to succeed, just getting by without being arrested is a good day. The stories themselves are easily captivating but even you feel the sense of inevitability that pervades the lives of these people. They know they are breaking the law, yet they continue to do it anyway.

One of those movies to watch that gives you just a taste of how another culture lives.


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