Wednesday, 21 September 2016


It's a documentary about ghosts, because that's what people make documentaries about.

In particular, this is a group of film makers that are varying degrees of believers that go to various ghost haunted locations and see what they find. They have an open mind, and have a fair few talking heads that point out what is going on, as well as people who talk about the reality of ghosts. The most common occurrence is cold spots and fairy lights, aka orbs. Which is a large part of seeing/feeling something there because they want to see/feel something there, which they themselves point out (and EVP is a manifestation of this).

And they also have stuff that isn't as easy for them to explain. Like hearing footsteps, and a flashlight going on and off. Which brings up to the main point: if this was a repeatable phenomena, we would be able to study it properly. As it is, we have people taking random footage and saying "this might be ghosts" (where "might be" can easily be upgraded to "is" depending on what ratings you are wanting).

Of course this isn't going to convince me, although there is stuff that I would like to poke more at. If there were footsteps, can we find some other location than the possible obvious one that also sounds like it could be the cause? Are there actual cold spots or do people just think there are or is it a bad wind tunnel effect?

These guys, while not all believers, are actively trying to find ghosts. In that regard, the documentary works, but in regard of scientific process, not so much.


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