Monday, 3 October 2016

Snowpiercer V.2

Volume 2 takes a turn I wasn't expecting. This is The Explorers.

We are with the Icebreaker, which is the second Snowpiercer train. Yep, this is the second. Every now and then they have "break tests", which is actually when people, Explorers, go out into the frozen wasteland to pick up items from civilisation. One Explorer gets ideas above his station, so again we end up taking a trip through the train, until finally he forces their hand to take him on. Then they get a signal from somewhere out there, and the train has to break off from where it's going to find out what's at the source.

This is building off the world, and finding out that there's another train is definitely a step up. The characters are, however, similar to those in the first volume, and again there's going through the train and such, until we get to the second story which is moving on a beat. But again we are having a bleak ending, because this is not a happy world.

So now I'm really looking forward to the next volume.


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