Sunday, 2 October 2016

Snowpiercer V.1

While I liked the movie, I found out there was a set of graphic novels! So yeah, I'm in there. The first one is Escape.

The train is going endlessly through the snow, and someone turns up from the tail section. A second class passenger claims he should be let free, but guards taken them both and lead them to the front of the train to explain themselves. And so we get a mini form of travelogue as we see various cars of the train. By the end, we get some backstory, where "something" happened and the train took off with people barely able to get on board. And it was an accident... wasn't it?

The ending is rather bleak, with no real winners. The only real escape is the chap from the end of the train, but otherwise no-one else is escaping usefully. This feels like a world-setting up story, so I can only assume we expand on the work from there...


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