Saturday, 12 November 2016

Chef: Le Cerque

Le Cirque is a new restaurant with a lot of history, and a rather famous (in the circle) owner.

Sirio Maccioni is a famous restaurant owner who runs some very popular, and rather expensive, restaurants. And then he decides to shut one down and open up Le Cirque in the Bloomsberg Building. We follow him, and his three sons, as he tries to get it up to his standards, while, at the same time, his sons are trying to set up the business for them to take on, as he can't run everything. Then there are the all important New York Times star reviews, which basically decide if your restaurant is good (three or four stars) or the utter pits (two stars, at least going by their reaction).

Sirio is a good example of "obstreperous", wanting things his way, and talking over anyone who disagrees with him. This makes it hard for his sons, and I sided with them about their reality of having to take control over matters.

The two star review (they are re-reviewed later) pointed out that they treated people differently, depending on how well known/famous they were, and the review was right, which one of the sons accepted, Sirio less so. So yeah, I can see why they got that review.

Sirio and co were never going to end up with a dead business, we were going to see just how non-terrible it was.


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