Friday, 11 November 2016

Red Dwarf 11.5, 11.6

Let's wrap this season up with the two last episodes.

Krysis: Now first off, I do like this episode title. I think there was a better story to associate it with than this though. Of course we are going to think of The Last Day, but this is more original than that. What if Kryten had a mid life crisis and wanted a zippy red number? And that's about it. They meet another cleaning droid, and I hope you like the joke of the droid being better than Kryten, because they continue it on, and on, and on. But not to worry, after some more jokes, they manage to scrap together a meaningful scene to make a point, but even that gets hammered on too long.

Can of Worms: Hey, it's a Cat episode. Certainly there's a lot of possibility there, and this hints at it. But, however, this is not a good Cat episode. Indeed, it's not even a good episode. It's a Polymorph story, so there are two things going to happen: 1) lots of shape changing, and you'd think the effects would be better by now, and 2) emotions will be played with, and conveniently there's a machine to alter people's emotions. Then, after all the set up, everything is quickly dealt with in the last minute. Urgh.

Well, we know that there is a 12th season planned, but really without Rob Grant, let's please not?


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