Saturday, 19 November 2016

Chef: The Madness of Perfection

I asked previously for a documentary that talks about getting Michelin Stars, and this is one such documentary.

A reporter joins chefs as they battle for a first or third Michelin star. The lengths they go to, the amount they seem not to care. Often they say "we just want to serve food to customers", but they all do hang hopes on getting that star (much like writers and actors and such do over their awards). Some chefs care too much, and some do indeed seem to handle not worrying too much. Oh, and he even manages to talk to the present of Michelin and one of the British inspectors.

This is more of the documentary I wanted to see, to actually see behind the scenes (a little) at what chefs get up to when it comes to earning or keeping the stars. And this focuses more on that than the meals they prepare. There are still moments of the meals, but that is less the point.

So yes, I would definitely say check this out.


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