Friday, 18 November 2016

TP 1.1

Yes, a new series about an old series. This one is going to take a while as we go through each story of The Tomorrow People. This one is The Slaves of Jedikiah.

We start with Stephen breaking out, becoming a special kid... which is something we kids all thought of at the time. I'm sure I wasn't the only one thinking of a fist unclenching, hoping to become a Tomorrow Person. Anyway, as this happens, Jedikiah intercepts Stephen and wants him for his own purpose. Fortunately the rest of the TP are on the case and eventually manage to track Stephen down and bring him back... but It's A Trap! Jedikiah is wanting more TPs but has to settle for ending up with Kenny, the kid who isn't long for this series. Everyone ends up on a spaceship as a Cyclops needs TP help to power his ship, but the ship is breaking up... it's a rush to try to save the Cyclops while defeating Jedikiah and getting everyone else back to earth.

It's a hell of an opening. We are presented with three TPs who are already out and about, and have even been off planet, and casually know about other species, which comes up at the end of the story. Stephen is our entrance into the world, but I have to say there's a lot delivered about telep* powers suddenly dumped on us, but we are able to take it, because, as I said, as kids, we want to be special ones with powers.

It's all played rather straight, and is a rare show that has kids in a mature drama with no frequent comedy moments (although there are some, especially the End Laugh). It's a start to a great series.


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