Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Quakey quakey quakey

Instead of going and seeing a movie yesterday, I spent the day keeping an eye on the news. [Note: links live at time of writing.]

I even checked overseas sites, and indeed Australia, US and UK reported on us. (Although for some reason, UK likes to put us in the Asia category... what?)

Anyway, for those that didn't click links, there was a 7.5 earthquake around 12am Monday morning (that's between Sunday and Monday). I just happened to be awake when it hit, and it went on for a while. It did feel slow, and I just lay there, but I can confirm that in my place is fine, nothing fell off (even cans precariously balanced on a shelf). Unlike other places in which there was a lot of trouble. (Fortunately, my place is on rock, so it's less of a problem.)

But now there are aftershocks. And the CBD is closed (hence why I decided to not go to the movies). And my work is on the waterfront, and may be closed for a while.

Yikers. Will stay tuned...

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Jet Simian said...

Duuude. Your work is borkd!

I hope you didn't have anything important at your workstation? Any word on when you'll be back in the CBD?

Jamas Enright said...

We're slowly setting up alternative accommodation. Worst thing I'm going to lose is a set of headphones... and a Pikachu toy!