Monday, 14 November 2016


It's a horror movie with a "twist". But the big puzzle is… what exactly is supposed to be suspended here? Belief? People? Just supposed to have generic suspense itself?

A young woman is bullied in school and spends her time drawing a psychopathic killer going around murdering people. We see this art world as people are killed, but then it seems that it is really happening? Or it is just recasting the people around her into the world? Eventually, yes it does seem that this is really happening as per the art… or is it?

Uh… yeah. This completely failed to grip me because it completely failed to actually be entertaining. I just starting skipping forwards, and lost nothing of the plot while doing so. There is a reveal that does sort of explain everything… but even then, no not really, not without severe amounts of unreliable narrator. At which point you should just give up pretending to try to follow the movie because there's no way you can.

This features… some people? Doing acting? And basic effects of blood spurts. And… there you go.

Or rather, don't bother going, because there’s nothing there when you arrive.


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