Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Night of the Demon

Halloween night at the Film Society, so let's get a spook on: Night of the Demon.

It's a scientistic investigation into Karswell's Cult. The first one wants to get out after Karswell shows off the power, but is killed by the Demon... or was it just an accident? An American scientist, our male lead, turns up, along with our female lead, the first guy's niece. Karswell predicts his death, and together they do some investigation and she does what she can to get him some protection, but of course he's having none of it. In the last twenty minutes, we get the secret to survival and then it's a matter of how can that be pulled off?

Oh yeah, I like this. It's a good movie, very well done. Well, except the actual demon, but even the director didn't like it, and was forced to use it. Niall MacGinnis is great as Karswell, the very personal bad guy (he's even Bobo the clown, keeping the clown theme running).

It's 60 years old, but this is a classic.


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Al said...

It's in the trees - the demon, it's coming!
Love this film and you're absolutely right - timeless classic. I have to admit though, I have a fondness for the demon. Maybe he should have had his own movie though, the dialogue clearly indicates that he was never meant to be there...

There was a TV version of Casting the Runes in the 70's with Ian Cuthbertson as Karswell, but i think it was an even looser adaptation than this one. Still creeped me out at the time, though...