Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Eeeeeeeevil Dade

This is the remake I'm talking about here, and it's taken me this long to see it.

A group of kids go off to a cabin in the woods and get killed off one by one... hang on, that's a pretty common horror trope... but hang on further, was Evil Dead the first movie to do that? It can't be, right, but right this minute I can't think of an earlier one. [Ahem, Night of the Living Dead probably could be counted as a cabin where a group of people are killed off, but that's seen more as a zombie film than a cabin-killer film.] Anyway, this is a remake of that classic and...

Where's the humour? Not to say the first movie was side splittingly funny, but it didn't take itself seriously, whereas this movie is trying to most of the time, except for when it is doing deliberate nods to the original (hey, remember this bit? Pretty kooky huh!). Oh and they included the tree rape scene, because of course we needed that again.

Speaking of the cast... is anyone going to speak about this cast ever again? I can't say that I recognise any of them, but I presume at least some of them found work elsewhere? At least the effects team had a little fun, when there was the brief moments of evoking the original with the fountains of blood etc.

We didn't need a remake, and this wasn't a great one.


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