Thursday, 3 November 2016


The sequel is out, but I never saw the original. Didn't even know there was an original. So here it is!

Two girls play with a ouija board, and we cut to a grownup version... and you can tell she ain't got long for this movie. Indeed, I gave her five minutes and had thirty seconds spare. Her friends gather and one decides that the best idea is to use a ouija to contact her.  Guess how that goes! Can you tell which members of the cast of this movie are on the block to die next? Strange things happen, and then they find out that there were spookier things going on (which, I'm guessing, is the story of the prequel), Fortunately, they manage to deal with it... but unleash something worse. Yay!

There's nothing excitingly new here, and you can tell that the most when you can spot and time how long until people die. This is retreading familiar ground, and the ouija board is just feeding into the delusion of it actually does something. (They have a brief moment of skepticism, talking about the ideomotor effect, but it doesn't last). The effects are decently done, but again nothing special.

I can't say I'm surprised they turned this into a franchise, but it's not like it needed one.


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