Wednesday, 18 January 2017


I saw this at a somewhat empty Embassy. Certainly, I was up the front rows in the pit, and there was no-one else in there, so I wasn't bothered by the annoying children. Great way to watch a movie!

Moana grows up in an insular society and questions who she is. Eventually, she gets away to have a journey where there are problems and finally a big battle. With songs. Which, by and large, could describe nearly any movie (and any Disney movie when you include the animated and songs bit). But to get to the point...

I enjoyed this! Yes, some parts felt rather generic, but this was well told, and yes, I even got emotional at times. Auli'i Cravalho is great as Moana, although I did have a little problem at times differentiating the Rock from Maui. And, of course, I already knew some Maui myths, so enjoyed that too. The songs... yeah, if there is one point in this movie I could have skipped, it would be the songs, they were really the parts that highlighted just how generic some parts were.

Anyway, great movie, and preceded by a short, the moral of which is never listen to your brain.


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